Sir Charles dreams big

Sir Charles Williams gestures during today's tour with Minister Lowe.
Sir Charles Williams gestures during today’s tour with Minister Lowe.

Construction magnate Sir Charles Williams today announced plans for the building of a $600 million hospital that’s likely to create upwards of 1,400 jobs.

Sir Charles, who was sharing a news briefing with Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr Denis Lowe, at the end of an extensive tour of his Apes Hill golf, polo and housing facility, revealed that the hospital would be built by a group of Canadian investors on lands owned by him.

“The investment implications, if the people go ahead with what they are going to do, would be a minimum $250 to $300 million US, and it would be employment for anything between a thousand and 1,400 people during its construction stage,” disclosed the building mogul.

He said the medical facility would essentially be a cosmetic and recovery complex.

“And they would be also building cottages, so that the people can recover there. I am anxious for Dr. Lowe and his Government to repair the one at St. Peter, so that we can use … for them to recover there, and I wouldn’t have to build the houses,” he added.

“We have found in the last two months, two sets of people that are interested in building a hospital in this country. One is in the very embryonic stage. They have connections that are now building one in Cayman Islands, and nothing would delight me more, I shouldn’t say that really … very few things would delight me more than to building the new hospital for the Government.”

“But we have people that are interested in so doing. The one that the Canadians are proposing to build here, is between three farms. Greg Farm, Farmers and Dunscombe,” he announced, when asked for the planned location of the hospital.

Sir Charles informed reporters that he was only waiting on the investors to pay the money for the proposed site of the hospital before work starts.

“In other words, the agreement is … both lawyers have made the agreements, and we’re just waiting for them…, but I learned the hard way, through Apes Hill, that nothing is sold until the money hits the bank.”

The prominent businessman disclosed, too, that no fewer than 50 additional Barbadians could be employed at another venture on which he was working.

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