Not working together

I refer to the Breaking News feature which was carried in the June 18 edition of Barbados Today, headlined Lash Back. The details about what transpired at the meeting of recently elected Barbados Labour Party parliamentarians are very deplorable. It raises a lot of questions and concerns which I hope that political analyst, journalist and the public at large will spend time discussing.

Indeed this should provide stimulating discussion for moderators, such as Peter Wickham and Maureen Holder, on the call-in programmes. As a society, we need to make an assessment, determination and a careful study of these details to identify where we have gone wrong and what corrective measures can be implemented.

The Opposition should be seen as a government in waiting but I do not get that from this information. Based on what these members allegedly said about each other it seems more like a group with some distrusting persons who are clearly incapable of working together. If some in the group don’t trust each other, how can we trust them?

Question One: Is there unity within the ranks of the BLP? This is a legitimate question. After the 1999 election the question was constantly asked about the Democratic Labour Party. In light of the information, it seems a fair question to ask about the Barbados labour Party today.

A very puzzling matter is the fact that both the claimant and defendant are lawyers. The claimant is a very senior lawyer who holds the distinguished honour in the profession of being a Queen’s Counsel, therefore he would know that filing such a suit would be potentially damaging to his party and other persons who were involved. He certainly would have known that these details would have come out and become public knowledge.

Question Two: Who was the real victim in this matter?

These questions, although not exhaustive, should stimulate interesting discussions and articles over the next few weeks. I look forward to reading and hearing the perspective of our noted political analysts.

— Andre Worrell

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