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Do not adopt the trend

I am replying to a letter titled Studying same -sex parenting by Adrian Sobers that appeared in the Barbados Today on 22/06/2013, warning Barbados and Barbadians not to adopt the trend like most liberal Western countries where same-sex couples are legally permitted to adopt children.

This, he claims, is because children who are raised by same-sex couples do not perform well or outshine compared to children who are raised by heterosexual couples according to a research he came across in his letter.

Firstly, let me say at present in Barbados it is illegal to be a homosexual and penalty for this act is life imprisonment. Same-sex couples are not allowed to marry, nor is there a law in Barbados where it states it is legal for same-sex couples to adopt children. The LGBT Society in Barbados does not have equal rights either like the heterosexual society in Barbados. This a very sad state of affairs.

However, I would like to add for the author of the letter iterates that children who are raised by same-sex couples do not perform well or outshine children who raised by heterosexual couples according to a research he came across in his letter is prejudiced.

Why I say this is because he claims that children do better in Barbados under the institution of heterosexuals who are married or not,. Then why is it that in Barbados children and/or who become adults brought up under this heterosexual parenting institution end up in jail, and/or do not outshine others as children or adults who are raised by heterosexuals?

Secondly, Sobers should not make such claims about children who are raised by same-sex couples in what he claims to be a troubled same-sex family upbringing, because in Barbados same-sex couples are prohibited from adopting children. The author should recognise that gay children do well in society similarly raised by heterosexual parents or adopted by heterosexual couples.

Thirdly, in the liberal Western counties where same-sex parenting is legal, these countries would have done careful and psychoanalytical research on same-sex parenting before approving of it. So since it is legal in these countries than it proves that children raised as a result of same-sex parenting do exceptionally well in society like the children who are raised by their parents or adopted parents, whether being gay or not.

Conclusively and regrettably, Sobers without a doubt believes that children will not succeed in society if raised by same-sex couples more than ever in Barbados.

— Derek Gale

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