A very serious message

In your June 20 issue of Barbados Today on the last page was an article headlined BACK OFF. I take my hat off to Barbados for standing your ground for your own beliefs.

It’s good to see you have taken the positions and standing your ground. I am very much in favour of capital punishment, because when crimes are committed such as the one that the lady who was chopped up by her ex-husband, to just spend life in prison for something so gruesome is surely out of the question.

It’s so good to see that you are allowing the world to know that size doesn’t matter when it comes to morals and the rights of the people of Barbados.

I read that article twice, in fact I have made a copy of it to shown it to a few of my very close friends who travel to Barbados regularly.

Your choice is sending a very serious message to the world, and they need to listen and believe that regardless of size and population, doing the right thing for the good of the people of Barbados is all that matters.

— Charles S. Cadogan Sr.

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