Waking the gap

megaflamgapcolourforpageMany probably thought it was Grand Kadooment in the parish of Christ Church.

However they were wrong, it was in fact a street carnival hosted by the BTA in the St. Lawrence Gap as part of the annual Mega Fam event.

Travellers agents from the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil and parts of the Caribbean, put down their cameras and notebooks and donned costumes provided by Gwyneth Squires and jumped to the sweet Crop-Over tunes.

They jammed, wined and danced their way along the route from the beginning of the gap to Southern Palms Hotel soaking up the infectious songs played by Dj Chilly and the drums of a Ruk-a-Tuk band. The stilt walkers and a Mother Sally made their presence felt as they journeyed down the road with the visitors. (MR)

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