Shortage of camp directors

More than 80 per cent of the National Summer Camp directors from last year have returned this year, leaving the Division of Youth to fill the remaining spots in the programme.

And Director of Youth, Cleviston Hunte, said one of the challenges they have had in the past has led to the selection of slightly younger individuals to fill positions as a method as well of developing those youngsters.

“For camp directors … we’ve already selected the camp directors for this year and we’ve had a return rate of over 80 per cent, so it is only about 20 per cent of our directors who are actually new. This is important for us in terms of a strategy because obviously people grow up and their institutional knowledge overtime, so we are happy and glad to have back those directors.

“In terms of the camp assistants, we are in a position where we have to select 750 to 800 young people in the summer time. As you would recognise this is a massive task because of the fact that getting people who are [with] the requisite knowledge and experience at that point in time is extremely problematic.

“So we’ve had to take in some cases, kids who are much younger than that, but that is important for us too because part of our mandate as Division of Youth is about how do we build up our young people. How do we allow them to participate and be involved in the actual activities,” said Hunte, adding that these were all important elements in choosing younger persons.

Additionally, he said they had also brought back individuals who would have had good reports over time, coupled with the training that was done for counsellors each year.

Minister of Youth, Stephen Lashley said at the media conference on summer camps that when they opened on July 15, among the programmes that would be delivered were sports, digital media, science and technology, religious education, discipline, entrepreneurship, agriculture and core values, along with site visits to a number of business places for the innovation and entrepreneurship streams. (LB)

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