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highnotephilthinksA Barbadian living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has become the first artist to be produced on the London-based music digital download music service iRibbeantunes. More Than DNA

Phil Robinson, who left Barbados decades ago to further his education and a career in software engineering, but has kept his passion for music alive, is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. Robinson’s debut EP release More Than DNA, is intended to be more than a song and more than an EP title, said iRibbeantunes Content Manager, Mark R. Corbin, who is an avid reader of Barbados TODAY.

Corbin told High Note that through this song, it is hoped the listener would be challenged, encouraged and be excited about their potential as people, in spite of their past, their current circumstances and their perceived limitations.

“More Than DNA talks about slavery, but the refrain and anthem are about freedom. The song is inspired by Caribbean history, but it is not intended for a single race or place,” he asserted.

Robinson’s passion for music, we are told, was nurtured from a young age growing up in church, where his father was a minister of the gospel and choir director and his mother sang and “hummed” hymns at home while she worked. It was against this background that this Barbadian talent, started to play the piano and compose music for worship within the local church.

Later he was a singer, songwriter and arranger with the local a cappella group Ask God, having major involvement as a producer of the release All For Christ in 1998. Since then Robinson has come into contact with various cultures through life in Germany, the UK and travels throughout Europe.

“Phil Robinson is the first artiste we have work closely with to bring his project through from concept to production. Whilst for the past four years we have focused on the digital distribution side of our business, music publishing represents a new opportunity for us and we are very excited about the future,” declared Corbin.

Taking Corbin at his word, this opportunity afforded Robinson, may be an avenue opened for other Barbadian and regional gospel artists as well.

“At iRibbean Music we are committed to producing quality Caribbean music for a global audience. Barbadian artists could therefore check out www.iribbeantunes. com.

“I am a daily reader of Barbados TODAY and I am always on the look out for who you are featuring because I have a natural interest in the local music scene,” said Corbin.

By the way, Phil Robinson’s More Than DNA is available on iRibbeantunes and iTunes.

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