More in the mortar

I want all you people out there who does follow Facebook and YouTube to understand something. I’m no teenager, but I ain’t no old witch either but I believe I got enough sense to know that most of the time there is more in the mortar than the pestle.

I remember a few months ago everybody wanted to kill this mother from the Ivy who put some blows on she daughter and it was all over the Internet. As a matter of fact, when I first saw it I felt like I could kill her too for beating the girl like that.

But you know what, I produce a child who believe she is more woman than me, and she is only 15. But I don’t know what happen, but when she turned 12 it was like demons hold on pun she. But I try and I try and I try.

People tell me put she out, but I said no, that I bring she into this world and she is my responsibility. It seems like this girl would have sex with anything that is firm enough to satisfy she. I can’t tell you how many times I beat she, how many times I talk to she, how many times I pray for she, how many times I cry for she. But still she would not change.

Now let me tell you what make be write, and then you tell me if you don’t understand sometimes why mothers does want to kill their children.

I was involved with a man for a few years and everything was okay at first. Then I realise that he always used to be angry from the time Friday come until Monday, probably because every Friday evening all he would do is drink. But when he lift he hand to hit me the first time I told him not at all, unless he like the taste of hot oil all over he body. He moved out quick so.

But I realise he would still talk to my daughter from time to time, and I din mind cause I felt they had a father and daughter relationship, even though she was not his. Well last Friday, I came home early because I was not feeling well and find her on top of he in my bed. Normally, I don’t have a problem saying how I feel, but this time I was in shock — I could not say a word. I almost faint.

This man hop up and left before I could catch myself or get de stove light. But you know what my daughter tell me in the most crude words? If I used to satisfy him he would not come to her. Well I hit she so hard with a piece of wood that afterward I was frighten. It is almost a week now I have not seen her. You think I was wrong? Should I go and look for her to see if she is okay?

Worried Mother

Since Yuh Asked WM, Yes, I would suggest you seek to find out where she is and how she is doing. She is still a minor and still your responsibility. She may be rude and irresponsible, but you are the adult and you have a duty to act like the person in charge.

Since she is 15 I suppose you could bring the matter to the attention of the police, but I don’t think they will get any cooperation from her and therefore all that will happen is that you will put greater distance between the two of you.

If I were you I would begin by apologising for hitting her with the piece of wood. As much as you might have felt provoked, your response was one of anger and that is never the way to correct a child. However, in a matter of months she will no longer need you consent to have sex, so using this time to offer advice and wisdom might be more effective in preserving her life in the long run that beatings.

I know the situation can’t be easy for you, but I would also advise that you not give up on praying. Prayer still works.

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