Love for Crop-Over

cropover2013splendorforedayBandleader Marcia Massiah loves Crop-Over.

She told Barbados TODAY she was involved in the national festival from way back when and it was after she heard the members of the UAC Netball Club and some of the people from he neighbourhood talking about Foreday Mornin’ and how they usually “rebel” in bands she decided to register a band so they would not have to do so this year.

She said that 350 revellers would be jumping from the Lazeretto in Black Rock, to Exmouth Gap just off Spring Garden.

“The name of the band came from [the fact that] the girls always like to make up their faces, and being pretty so I said ‘wunna like a lot of fashion’. Then I went to St. Lucia and I saw a girl in a shorts and thought it was really beautiful so I said splendor means beauty so I said I would name it Fashion of Splendor,” Massiah said.

Marlon Greaves, who organises Models and Bottles will be working with her to put the band on the road, She added that interest in the costumes which range in price from $125 to $155 for the front line section had been growing since the launch two weeks ago. In addition to the costumes revellers will receive breakfast, bandanas, mugs, bottles, whistles, drinks and security.

The first time bandleader is hoping for an incident free jump on August 3. (DS)

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