Success no easy road

Dawnte Alleyne and Chad Howard passing on the scroll
Dawnte Alleyne and Chad Howard passing on the scroll

Graduating students of the Grantley Prescod Primary School were today warned that secondary school will be no walk in the park.

In fact, guest speaker at the event at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre this evening, Dwight Saul, warned the students they could expect to face challenges, the first being the limitations some will place on them because of the school to which they have been allocated.

“The first thing that I want to talk to you about is the school to which you have gained entry. Many times people put great focus on where you go to school,” he said. “But … I want to ask you a few questions.

“If I was going to school in St. Philip, what is 5×2? If I was going to school in St. Peter, what is 5×2? Graduating class, if I was going to school in St. Michael, what is 5X2?

“The value does not change, because regardless of where you go to school, you still have to learn the same thing. I am telling you today that with God’s help you can do it regardless of where you go to school.

“It is God who enables you to be successful. God helps you with your mathematics, and you English, and your French and all the subjects that you have to do. Once you follow Him, obey His commands and trust in Him, with God’s help you can.”

The guest speaker who addressed the issue of self esteem, advising them that while everyone they encounter in secondary school will not like them, but it should not stop them from achieving.

“Some persons are going to say hurtful things about you. Others may think you can’t make it based on where you have come from. I want to tell you today, where you live, or how much money you have doesn’t stop you from being successful,” he advised.

“You have what it takes within you to be able to be all that you want to be … Let no one at secondary school tell you that you can’t achieve [your dreams and goals] because of where you have come from.

“Stand strong, chest up, because you were made by God and you have potential within you.”

Meanwhile, Principal Marline Abrams reported that 70 students wrote the Common Entrance Examination and they were all deserving of congratulation. She however, express pride at the performances of top boy, Rashon Broomes, who scored 243.40C and top girl Melissa Patrick, whose score was 244.59A — both of whom will be attending Harrison College.

The principal identified the other students who made it to the school’s top ten list as Dawnte Alleyne, Romario Godding, Lamar Hunte, Alyssa Walkes, Grace-ann King, Derricka Douglas, Mikhail Carvalho and Izora Devonish.

Abrams also congratulated class teachers Andrea Bispham, Sonia Grant-Rowe and Beverley Holder. (RRM)

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