Looking for daughter’s father

I have been looking for my daughter’s father for six years now. We have tried every phone number in England, also over where you are, but to no avail.

Please, can you help us?

His name is Anthony (Tony) Blackman and he used to live in Plumstead, South London in the United Kingdom. His aunt and uncle moved back there in the 1970’s. Their names are Eustace and Elvira Blackman.

My daughter’s name is Alison and she was born April 9, 1970. She wants to meet him before he gets older, but who knows — he may have passed away by now. He is approximately 70 years — about 10 years older than me.

When I met him he was in the army in Germany but home on leave. We split through a little quarrel.

In the late 70s I believe he had a son by a girl he started seeing.

We do so urgently want to find him. His aunt and uncle would know but without an address over there I’m at a loss.

Would you please publish so he might see and contact me at the number below.

— Jennifer Laws


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