Khiomal no longer hates gym

lovingmekhiomalliftingweightsKhiomal Nurse does not like to work out?

That might be really hard to believe, but he disclosed this as fact to LOVING ME today.

Stating that he was not really as gym oriented as people may think, rather, he was like many other Barbadians who hated the dreaded letters, G-Y-M.

The 31-year-old said, however, that as a performer it was a must to keep fit, so only from last month he joined a gym, Cross Fit Island Fit in Wilbar Centre, Wildey in St. Michael, to do just that. So when you see this former Party Monarch back his shirt on stage to reveal his “wash board” abs or maybe “four pack”- depending on how his exercise regime goes – know it was as a result of “a lot of hard work”.

This year, Nurse has released two tunes, Recipe and Gimme Wine. He said he was not sure if he was entering the Party Monarch competition but he was still getting his body ready – just in case and he admitted Cross Fit has assisted immensely in this undertaking. Unlike at a regular gym, when unless you have a personal trainer, you get demotivated very easily Cross Fit helped to keep his moral up.

“It gives people like me who find it hard to work out motivation because they work as a team,” he said. “Every week a specific routine is given and by doing this people then motivate each other. Cross is not only helping with my fitness but my breathing and my all round health.”

This krosfyah front man now goes to the gym two to three times a week for about two hours each time. As well, he and friend Shana circuit run on the road. Sometimes they ran from his home in Parkinson Field, the Pine, down BET hill around the Wildey Gymnasium and back over the hill or a circuit around the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to Belleville then onto Collymore Rock. (KC)

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