Huge ambitions

tpetstmargaretscareerdayAnyone who wanted to see which professions inspire the nation’s children only had to be at the St. Margaret’s Primary School when they had their Careers Day recently.

In addition to having the opportunity to wear clothing that reflected the careers they might want later, the little ones also had the chance to interact with a number of actual professionals.

The children from the Infants Department, the only section of the small St. John school that was involved this time around, came dressed to represent radiology, nursing, teaching, law enforcement, hairdressing and carpentry.

And to show that their ambitions were not limited, one students did not just come dressed as a fireman — he wore the uniform of the fire chief.

Joining the staff to help expose the students to the careers open to them in the future, said organising teacher Karen Sealy, were representatives of the Barbados Fire Service, Royal Barbados Police Force, Environmental Department and Barbados Postal Service along with a veterinarian and a chef.

Sealy explained that throughout the term they had been looking at community workers, and felt that the perfect culmination would be a careers day directly exposing the students to some of these workers.

She noted too that while the exercise this year involved only the Infants Department, the wish of the principal was to encompass the entire student body next time. (RRM)

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