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For the people

cropover2013classiclassicThis year is a significant one for calypsonian Classic.

It is his 30th year in the art form and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Every year from 1984, Classic, christened William Waithe, has been on stage whether he makes it to the Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-finals or the Finals.

“It’s tough. It’s challenging. I love the art form I love what I do. I do it because I believe I have a gift to write calypso and sing them and I make that contribution to the Crop-Over festival which is a part of our national development.

“I do it for the people who support me every year, who give me the encouragement when I don’t have the spirit or that enthusiasm., I meet people on the street who ask ‘you’re coming this year? I’m looking forward to hearing from you’ and that gives me the motivation even when I don’t have that vibe, that feeling or that enthusiasm. The support and encouragement of the public is really what keeps me going,” he shared with Barbados TODAY yesterday afternoon.

“I look forward to making my contribution. I like the opportunity to tackle the issues when they’re issues in the country and I can put them together in a song and music in an entertaining way to entertain people. I like doing that. I feel good doing that,” he added.

This year, Classic joins the cast of De First Citizens/Digicel Big Show, and he is looking forward to the first show for this season on Sunday night.

“I believe that it will go well. I have confidence in my material this year. I think that the presence of De Big Show would help me because of the professionalism, the quality of the musicianship, the atmosphere that is conducive to social commentary, I think that the ambience would be suitable for me. I believe that singing in Big Show is an asset for me this year”, he said. (DS)

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