by Latoya Burnham

lovingmefitspirationchatThis week I’m going to introduce you to a few of the evening Want It… Live It Ultimate 8-Week Fitness Challenge participants. Because I’m an early 6 a.m. workout person, I’m often not in the gym to see some of the people I would have met last week.

So the plan this week is to introduce you to one of the top five persons on the challenge leader board – and I’ll feature others as weeks continue.

Sherryann Turton has been a member of Body By Kirk and Lifestyle Body Solutions for a while. She told LOVING ME that after being a member of several other gyms, she settled on the gym by the St. Lucy-based duo of Kirk and Sophia because of the family atmosphere and the individual attention.

She is currently in fourth place in dead-lift clean and press; and is in a four-way tie for knee raises; while in the leg press she consistently pushes 35 reps at 470lbs.

She laughed when asked why she joined the challenge. You see, Sherryann was already a member of the gym and into a good fitness schedule – but she laughed because, as she put it, “I did not realise there was an option”.

“I thought since we were in the gym that it was something everyone was doing. I only realised after it started that there were some people who did not opt to do it, but I don’t regret it,” said the Colombian Emeralds Sales Manager.

To look at Sherryann you can tell that here is a woman who loves her exercise, with a pleasant and jovial personality, with a very tight physique – and it’s no wonder.

“I love my gym. I have been a lot of gyms before and I found that this one works well because of the individual attention Sophia and Kirk give you and they are very attentive.”

Her hardest part of the challenge thus far has been the meals and getting in extra cardio.

“I think that [the meals] is where the struggle is for everyone. You see whereas some people are trying to watch their calories, for me, I don’t eat enough. If I used to eat regularly then I’d be watching calories as well, but because I don’t want the junk, and I’m sometimes on the move so much I don’t get to pack my lunch, there are not a lot of healthy options.

“That’s one of the things I’ve found missing in Barbados. There are not a lot of places you can get a good healthy salad that is not just lettuce and tomato,” she said.

So sometimes it might mean skipping a meal until she can get something more in keeping with her meal plan. As for the cardio, a fitness colleague at the gym has allowed her to take care of that aspect.

“One of the things I also struggled with was extra cardio. Sophia would always tell me I need to get in some more cardio, but now I have managed to get in three to four more days because Joyanne [Atherley], you met her in the gym, she lives near to me and we buddy up to go walking for a half-hour or an hour three or four mornings a week now.

“So today for example, I go in the evenings to the gym and I walked this morning, so there are days like today that I exercise two times a day to get in that extra cardio,” said Sherryann.

What she loves about the gym she said is the team spirit.

“You find that when others are there, we tend to cheer each other on. Because the attention is so individual, you find now that we have the challenge, sometimes your time overlaps with someone else, so you get to know people a lot more. So then we are there to push each other to keep going,” she added.

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