Fat Pork man hospitalised

fatporkman“Nothing can’t stop the fat pork man”, declares an upbeat Valman Thompson.

More commonly known as Mikard, he earlier in the Crop–Over season caused debate over his popular soca tune Fat Pork. Tonight, after a medical scare on Monday, he is recuperating at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY this evening via telephone from his hospital bed, in very good spirit he thanked everyone — family, tent mates and friends — who called or visited to give their best wishes.

A member of the House of Soca tent, the 42–year–old guaranteed that alike the title of his recently released up–tempo commentary, Determination, he would soon be back on his feet, performing Fat Pork and enjoying all the festivities of the season.

Back in March the former police officer disclosed that he constantly had headaches and experienced dizziness with vertigo. Earlier this week, however, the symptoms became worse and he was admitted to the QEH. Today, tests were run and though doctors have yet to confirm a diagnosis, they said that he could have multiple sclerosis.

In spite of this news, Mikard said he was doing well, apart from back pains, which are the result of a spinal tap, and a “little” numbness and weakness in the hands, and could not wait to be released in time for his tent opening on Sunday. (KC)

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