Big cycling road race Sunday

Jamol Eastmond is among the top riders who will be in action on Sunday.
Jamol Eastmond is among the top riders who will be in action on Sunday.

The 2013 edition of the Barbados Cycling Union’s national road race rides off this Sunday at 6 a.m. on the Life of Barbados to Top Rock section of the ABC Highway.

The race is being held under auspices of the Barbados Olympic Association. Phillip Clarke (former road race champion), Jamol Eastmond, Jason Perryman (former road race champion), Mario Forde (current road race champion), Brandon Wilkie (winner of the last two races) and others are scheduled to face off with wonder boy Darren Matthews and to the victor go the spoils.

Eastmond rode one race in Barbados at the beginning of the season which he won. Since then he has campaigned in Trinidad and Tobago along with Phillip Clarke and these two riders have dominated the Trinidad and Tobago standings for the entire season. They are currently one and two in those point standings.

Jason Perryman joined them a few weeks ago and has also climbed to the top rung of the podium since being there.

Matthews on the other hand has had a good regional season which spilled over from his performances last year. He recently returned home from his Colombian base after a brief stint in Europe. Wilkie also benefited from some training in Colombia and returned home to win the last two road races.

There may be others in the hunt with former two-time champion Simon Clarke yet to declare his hand, former five-time champion John Turton always a dark horse, Jesse Kelly just back from a three-month training stint in South Africa and the ever competitive Stuart Maloney.

The junior division should be exciting as well and will be a toss-up between Edwin Sutherland, Joshua Kelly or Kristin Vanderpool.

The masters championship will be competitive but easy money is on Edward Julien to keep up his winning ways and take that division. The 50-plus masters division has been under the control of John Proverbs for the entire season but time only knows if there is a challenger willing to step to the plate.

The tiny-mites division should be won by Tremaine Forde-Catwell but that is not written in stone even though he has won all races in which he competed this season. The juvenile division is open. Esther Miller-Rosemond is expected to be the lone female entrant.

The national time trial is scheduled to ride off on Sunday June 30 at 6 a.m. It starts in front of Three Houses Park in St. Philip and goes to the old Carrington Sugar Factory and back. Russell Elcock is expected to be the man to beat in this event.

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