Band leader calls for more assistance from Government

cropover2013chetwynstuartandgirlsOne of Barbados’ popular band leaders is calling on the Barbados government to assist Crop-Over bands a lot more.

Power X 4’s Chetwyn Stuart, in a telephone interview with Barbados TODAY said that one of the challenges with his Grand Kadooment band came with the government not acknowledging the fact that they needed to assist the bands a lot more.

“It is very difficult for most bands and even for me who gets sponsorship to produce [ good] quality costumes to put revellers on the road without additional assistance. It is very disappointing that we are not getting more assistance because what we are actually doing now, which I think they realise, is bringing in a lot of overseas people and we need foreign exchange and we need to take it to a different level, we need that and we cannot if we do not get assistance,” Stuart said.

On the same hand, the bandleader said that band owners were still struggling having to pay duties on materials and VAT without the relevant subventions increasing.

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