Allegations by opposition ‘ludicrous’

ST. JOHN’S — Two officials have dismissed as “ludicrous”, allegations by opposition Antigua Labour Party leader Gaston Browne that the Boundaries Commission intends to slip proposed changes to the boundaries into Parliament for approval tomorrow.

Commission Chairman Clarence Crump said last evening: “It is far from the truth. We have no intention of submitting any report on June 21. At the moment, we are in consultation. Our last consultation is scheduled for June 20, which is Thursday. We asked all interested persons to submit their recommendations by June 21 so that we can review them and see their recommendations that they can help us in preparing our final document which is due on June 28.”

Speaker of the House, D Gisele Isaac, said of Browne’s assertion: “It is impossible and ludicrous. As recent as last week the opposition leader and I discussed the procedure and I assured him he and the prime minister would be the first ones to get copies. Obviously it cannot be laid before the Parliament because I have received no copy and he has no copy.”

Yesterday morning, Browne told reporters at a press conference he has learned the Boundaries Commission plans to “collude” with “certain parliamentarians” to submit a report which would seek to eliminate ALP stronghold constituencies.

Browne said: “The ALP will do all in its power to ensure the unlawful and illegal report of the Boundaries Commission does not get to the speaker of the house, the prime minister and governor general for signature.

“We will seek injunctive relief from the courts within the next hours to halt the gerrymandering of the boundaries. If we are not vigilant and it slips through and is signed by the governor general we cannot seek recourse.”

Crump reiterated Browne’s claim is baseless and untrue. (Antigua Observer)

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