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Digicel’s Commercial Director Alex Tasker

Digicel and First Citizens bank are pledging their continued support to Barbadian culture.

Yesterday afternoon, during the launch of De Big Show at Hilton Barbados, Digicel’s Commercial Director Alex Tasker said they were “honoured and proud” to be associated with De First Citizens/Digicel Big Show.

“I think our successes go hand in hand because we are a successful company just being around for a short 10 years, and to be associated with such living legends as what we would have in the De Big Show. I think its a very good marriage, a very successful marriage so far. I can say that we will … here again next year one more time,” he said.

Tasker said that in an effort to bring something fresh and new to the Caribbean Premier League which bowls off in July, the tent will be involved.

“It’s no coincidence that De Big Show and the bigger better network have formed a long lasting relationship to provide the best in entertainment during the annual Crop-Over Festival which since our establishment in 2004, Digicel has been supporting and will continue to support. … We have taken the cultural festival, this period of the year, very seriously. We continue to plough our way into many the calypso art forms and we, the entertainers, the sponsors, have a duty to make sure that the art form, it its present state does not die.

“If there is a lot of talk about how we can preserve it, I think the youngsters can come into De Big Show tent and understand what the art form means to Barbados and to the rest of the Caribbean,” the Commercial Manager said.

First Citizen Bank’s Marketing and Communications Officer Kareem McClean also pledged their support to the cultural sector and noted they were proud to be a sponsor of the tent.

“When we think of cultural industries, First Citizens is very committed to teh development of cultural industries and we recognise that cultural industries are vital to the economy and that is why [we] want to fully align ourselves with.

‘We recognise that behind every musical performance, every costume worn, every rhythm, every rhyme, that they are people who have invested money and time into the arts in Barbados and First Citizens is proud to be a sponsor of the First Citizen/Digicel Big Show,” McClean said.

Two time Sweet Soca Monarch TC, also expressed her gratitude to the sponsors and noted that she knew how hard it is to get sponsorship.

She added the members of the tent would continue to make their voices heard.

The cast of De First Citizens/Digicel Big Show are: Gabby,Red Plastic Bag, John King, Adonijah, Serenader, Pompey, TC, Biggie Irie, Mr, Dale, Natahlee, Leah, and Classic.

The tent opens on Sunday at the Plantation Garden Theatre. (DS)

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