Stray Cats celebrate 20 years

straycatsare20When Solo Stray Cats opens on Friday night at the Crane Resort in St. Philip, it will be a celebration.

“This is our 20th anniversary, we started at the Crane in 1994 and we’re back there for our anniversary. We are going to be at the Town Hall and we’re looking forward to having a lot of the tourists.

“Lil’ Rick is going to be our guest artist for our opening and our judging on the 25th. Ayana John is going to be helping us out with the back ups to raise the quality of the tent. My good friend Tony Walrond, helped me out last year and he’s back again this year, he’s going to be writing most of the songs for the tent and he’s also going to be singing as De Cheerman.

“De Big Boar Cat has two powerful songs this year, I paid the price no children no wife and Handicap, my party song is Moringa. I’m a moringa farmer,” Roberts said.

He said he was grateful to have the support of his sponsors, Solo, Stoute’s Car Rentals, Atlantic Computers, Preconco, Cutters, Gale’s Hatcheries and the Crane.

The tent manager noted that the cast comprised mainly young calypsonians, Anne Anna, Kaddifi, Vince, Sobie, Mighty Concrete, Phoenix 5, Dilly Don, Young Kim, Friendly Cousin, and Tito. The backing band is Tizzik.

Stray Cats is the first tent to face the Pic-O-De-Crop and Party Monarch judges this year, on Tuesday 25.

Roberts said apart from opening those nights, his intention is to take the tent on the road.

“We might do a few small shows in a couple rum shops in St. Philip and by De Cheerman in St. John. We will do a few local things in the country,” he said.

Vince, one of the performers, spoke to Barbados TODAY about his stint in calypso.

“I sang in 1998 with Untouchables as Slow Learner, when Duke Check Ed left I auditioned and got that spot…. I got married, and family came first. In 2010 I tested the water in Tornadoes where I sang Rio’s song from Trinidad because I love comedy. Every calypso has wit, I don’t care what [the] topic, it should have wit. I’m singing Bibadee, which I wrote and Soca Patsy was written by me, Mr. Walrond and Jerry.

“Bibadee is about costume designers and I pay her my money and go for my costume, I tell her she has to be crazy I’m not jumping in a Bibadee. It so happens that is a big topic, costume designing.

“Performing is in the blood, handed down. I love it and I love serious comedy. I am looking forward to judging for Party monarch and Pic-O-De-Crop. Rehearsals are going well,” Vince said. (DS)

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