RPB: No decision yet

rpbadebigshowlaunchReigning Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch Red Plastic Bag is “still preparing” for Crop-Over.

Speaking at the launch of De First Citizens/ Digicel Big Show yesterday at Hilton Barbados, he said he had registered for all of the NCF competitions, he was “excited” and the song he had released, Right Now, was receiving “good rotation”.

“Every year there seems to be an issue as to whether I’m going to compete or not, even when I’m not competing there seems to be an issue. If I’m going to be competing? I would love too but I’m not sure I can. I’m still preparing, as a matter of fact when I leave here I have to go back to the studio to continue work.

“I don’t know if you recognise that over the past five years, I’ve been saying that I will not say yes I’m going to compete or no I’m not going to compete until I’m sure I’m in a position to because I don’t want to be held in any position where people are going to be saying ‘you said you’re going to do this’ or ‘you said you’re going to do the next’.

“So at this point I want to say to you that I’m preparing. I’m excited about being a part of the tent. I actually registered for all of the competitions because I figure the best thing for me to do, rather than put myself in a position where I cannot compete at all, in any thing just register. When it gets to the point when a decision has to be made, I will make that decision,” he told journalists and sponsors.

The calypsonian reiterated that he had reached the point where he looked “way beyond this competition”.

He noted there was “so much talk about competition” but he was not sure it was good for music. He repeated that competitions were good for Crop-Over and festivals but not good for music.

“We hinge too much on competitions. When the competition is over what happens? What happens to the music that we prepare for this competition, nothing. Let us start looking beyond the competition. If a fella competes he competes, if he doesn’t compete, he doesn’t compete, let us look at the music he is producing,” RPB said.

Having said that, he noted he had two more songs to release, plus a social commentary. He stated that he was “working really hard to get ready” he would know if he would be defending his crown before the tent opens its doors on Sunday night. (DS)

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