Pratical learning a success

Heading to the sand pipe for water.
Heading to the stand pipe for water.

Interactive learning in the classroom a success at the Erdiston Nursery School

Hands on experience is the best way for children to learn, says Principal of the Ediston Nursery School, Rosina Rowe.

And this is the way the tots at the school are learning about Barbados.

Under the theme Exploring Old Time Barbados from the beginning of the school year these little ones, some 89 of them were divided into six groups, each group had a special name relating back to the island. Fantastic Folk Singers, Friendly Fisher Folk, Courteous Conductors, Merry Market Vendors, Cheerful Cane Cutters and Brilliant Bakers. They took fields trips to the Barbados Museum and Tyrol Cot and did a lot of investigations to learn about their specific topics.

All the information gathered were added to pictures then put together with other artefacts of Barbados for a big display at the school’s open day in Erdiston Hill in St. Michael, which began yesterday and ends on Friday, for family and other visitors to enjoy.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY, Rowe she said when subject coordinator, Kathyrn Chatawan conceptualised this project approach their aim was to get the children involved in all things Barbados.

Christopher Roberts pressing with the old time iron.
Christopher Roberts pressing with the old time iron.

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  1. Dawn Layne June 21, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Good Day,

    Just wanted to let you know that the school in the photograph of “Pratical learning a success” is not Eden Lodge Nursery it is Erdiston Nursery. I know this because my daughter is in the photo.

    Kind Regards
    Dawn Layne


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