Nine young kaisonians


Nine Parkinson Memorial School students, some new to the calypso art form, will compete on Friday for the title of Calypso Monarch in the school’s inaugural Kaiso In De Pine competition.

Main organiser of the event, Randy Eastmond said they had run several weeks of voice training for the young people, with entertainers including Rhesa Garnes, John King, and Kevin Watson, where areas like diction, rendition, phrasing, and dramatisation were dealt with.

Two of the students are through to the upcoming Scotiabank Junior Monarch Calypso Competition, with Kayla Bee serving as reserve in the 13 to 18 category, while Lil T will be competing with Too Big Fuh Ya Shoes.

“I believe all the students can confirm they’ve learnt a lot and it has helped them develop ahead of the show on Friday,” said Eastmond, adding that some old scholars had also gotten involved.

First prize will be the Edwin Yearwood Trophy and an educational tour to New York; second place, a trophy and iPad; third – a trophy and a Kindle FireHD and fourth – a trophy and stationery. The show begins at 8 p.m. with guest performances slated to include Gabby, Mikey, RPB, Bumba and Pinelands Creative Workshop.

The contestants in order of appearance on Friday night:


Real name: Kayla Thorpe

Stage name: Kayla Bee

Age: 15

Song: Our Disease


Real name: Samantha Romain

Stage name: Sammy Sosa

Age: 15

Song: Sweet Calypso


Real name: T’kayla Clarke-Weekes

Stage name: Lil T

Age: 15

Song: Too Big Fuh Ya Shoes


Real name: Ramona Clarke

Stage name: Nikola Anomar

Age: 17

Song: Pimpalin


Real name: Rickelle Edwards

Stage name: Angel

Age: 16

Song: Selfish Mentality


Real name: Xavier Bowen

Stage name: Mighty Xaiver

Age: 13

Song: Something Is Peeping Out


Real name: Destany Clinton

Stage name: Dessie

Age: 17

Song: Too Young


Real name: Kadeem Maynard

Stage name: Kadeem

Age: 16

Song: De Drain


Real name: Amber Barrow

Stage name: Amber Arano

Age: 14

Song: I’m A Child

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