Master karate camp a success

Trainers at the camp in Green Lane.
Trainers at the camp in Green Lane.

The recently concluded 47th International Shotokan Karate Federation Master Camp attracted 351 karatekas, and out of these 149 were from outside the United States of America.

The Caribbean, inclusive of Barbados, had approximately 25 students at camp.

The I.S.K.F. now has over 63 countries registered that are part of the following regions, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Pan America. In 2012-2013 alone eight new countries were registered.

The camp this year as in past years was held at Green lane in Pennsylvania, a small community outside of Philadelphia. Training was conducted three times a day and ranks ranged from White belts to Black.

This year Masters in attendance were Shian T. Okazaki and Shian Y. Yaguchi (US), Shian M. Miura (Europe) and Shian S. Takahashi (Japan/Australia). With this calibre of instructors, students were treated to various styles of instruction and the knowledge gained would serve to improve their standards and that of their students back in their homeland.

Besides the training high level grading was also conducted and from the Caribbean Sensei Gary Turnbull was promoted to 8th. Dan and Sensei Gilbert Bellamy attained 7th. dan rating. Another highlight of this year’s camp was the attendance of a physically challenged student, who was wheelchair bound.

This student Jose Resto came from Puerto Rico and his presence was the first of its kind since 1979. He served as an inspiration to everyone and strengthened the point that no matter what the hurdle was anything was possible,

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