Major upgrade for St. Lawrence Gap

quietstlawrencegapA major upgrade to one of the island’s main tourism attractions is among enhancements planned for the local product this year.

Executive Vice President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, Sue Springer, said recently that despite the economic recession, the attractions in Barbados had a “very” good record.

“If you walk down St. Lawrence Gap at the end of November or beginning of December, three quarters of The Gap seemed to be closed. But now we have Reggae Lounge reopened, McBrides will open later this month, Old Jamin — formerly After Dark — has opened and has a very exciting programme throughout the week,” Springer announced.

She disclosed that the BHTA was working with the St. Lawrence Gap Association and other strategic partners to assist with upgrading The Gap.

“It is meant to be a major tourism development area; it is meant to be the number one night life area and it should be one that we do focus on,” the hotel executive added.

Addressing her association, Springer said she was very interested in hearing about the hybrid street lights of LED Lighting, because the BHTA wanted to put some additional street lighting in St. Lawrence Gap.

“And maybe we can work in partnership with you (the company) and in that while in the past we have been talking about safety and security, where (there are) some dark areas, we need street lights,” she pointed out.

Referring to other tourism products, she noted that The Club Barbados Resort & Spa had come on the market during the past year, along with international brand Radisson Aquatica Resort. The BHTA official noted too that the 24-room all-inclusive Soco Hotel was formally opened last week followed by Couples Barbados. She said Couples was the first such venture outside of Jamaica. Sea Breeze, which is currently closed for substantial renovations, is expected to resume operations in August. (EJ)

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