Gordon: I did the right thing


Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon
Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon

PORT OF SPAIN — In the face of a raging controversy over his meeting with Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley at his personal residence, Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon is certain he did the right thing.

In an interview with the Express yesterday, Gordon was asked whether he had made any decision of any kind as a result of the criticisms which have been levelled at his decision to meet Rowley, and his response was: “I am observing the incredulous developments.”

Asked why he described the developments as “incredulous”, he said he would explain if and when he decides to make a statement. He said at present, he was thinking about whether he should make a statement and did not want to say much more.

Asked whether he was also giving thought to whether he should remain at the Integrity Commission, he replied that any statement he makes would take everything (including that issue) into account.

“My one major concern in all this is that there should be minimum harm to the Integrity Commission. The Integrity Commission has come out of a very difficult period and it is working its way well, and I fear that any prolonged situation here is likely to affect it adversely, and that is the thing that is occupying my mind, more than anything else.

“For myself, this really doesn’t bother me. The truth is that I know absolutely that I did the right thing. And my concern would be how far anything may affect the commission adversely. That’s basically my concern,” he said.

The Express began a question, saying: “You said you were absolutely certain that you did the right thing. On second thought or with the knowledge of hindsight, would…? Gordon interjected, saying: “Let me interrupt you. If I decide to make a statement I would say all those things. You are seeking to get the statement from me before I am ready.” (Express)

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