A changed man

by Kimberley Cummins

achangedman1010 is a man transformed. In name and in his musical direction.

Formerly known on the calypso scene and in his native Church Village St. Philip neighbourhood as Ben 10, Jurran Parris has now flipped the script and opted to pursue dancehall and reggae.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY he said that though he loved the soca art form and still listened to and embraced it after his break in 2012 to “find self” he realised he lost all passion for calypso since it wasn’t “fulfilling” his purpose. He said during the break he got more in tuned to reggae and conscious music, even co-writing songs with Daniel Medford, one called So Beautiful and it was then he discerned “this is where it is now”.

In addition, Parris said he learnt that he was “conditioned to believe of what music in Barbados really is” but he was of the opinion music came from within. He stressed that “Crop-Over destroys the purpose of music being within” since people built music for competitions and winnings rather than love.

In 2008, after this former Christ Church Foundation School student entered and won the Customs and Excise

social commentary competition he joined the House Of Soca tent until 2011 where he sang semi–social commentary and one or two party tunes.

In 2013, now the 28–year–old is very serious about his new path. He said he already has a following in: Denmark, Canada, Costa Rico, New Zealand and Sweden as a result of popular tunes. Some which were: Freestyle Darkness better known as Lights Off, So Blessed featuring Kullard, Pop My Pants Button, the Young, Wild and Free (remix),Only The Strong,

Hold On featuring Darkus and Watch Yuh Step. “I believe the events taking place since the

transformation has seemed effortless and more like this is what is destined for me. Crop–Over and the soca music was just not fulfilling my purpose. Everyday I get up I can’t feel like drinking rum, I can’t feel like wukking up and the more positive or conscious lyrics of Crop–Over is embedded into social commentary which is not widely accepted by youth. So a lot of inspiration came from all angles tell me… my experiences and what goes on in my life needed to put out there and I just feel comfortable with this [decision] rather not running down the money for Crop–Over,” said 10.

“A lot of my inspiration came from calypso artists and being involved in the tent–being able to perform with a live band, my stage presence… things that lay within me come from soca artists… but I think that really and truly I want to make a difference in dancehall/reggae artist in Barbados. Most people gravitate towards [soca] because it is the most accepted art form in Barbados but there is no passion in it for me, my passion is for dancehall and reggae.

“I’m no where near my peak as yet… but now it is just about my voice to be heard and for my messages to be received. I would like to go as far as possible, there is more purpose now in my music and I just want to take it as far as it can go and beyond very serious about it,” he added.

10 is headed to Jamaica in July to new record music, thereafter he is off to the United States to record a collaboration with one of Miami’s biggest reggae artists, A.G Lyonz and he said he had many other projects planned but declined to reveal them. kimberleycummins@ barbadostoday.bb

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