Violence settles nothing

After reading your article in the Barbados Today dated June 17, 2013 First former stab another, and was drawn to the comments of Minister of Education Ronald Jones who just had to put his two cents and attributing blame.

Back up for a minute, Minister Jones! You as a leader and figurehead in the education department was just talking about using violence to resolve a situation if it occurred.

Both you and headmaster Brooms seem to have the same mind set when it comes to resolving differences. Please don’t get it twisted, I do not agree with the way the young people, or any people, resolves differences through violence, but you yourself seem to preach violence. Now you are condemning others for carrying out what you mentioned.

The young people might not read the newspapers, or listen to the news, but they do hear what’s said or done from conversation they will overhear from time to time. So you need to put a lid on your violent remarks, period.

Another thing that we all need to pay attention to is that from way back to the present, even the cartoons on television was filled with violence. What most people who seem set on destroying one another fail to understand is that when they do kill, it’s not like in the movies. That person isn’t going to come back and be in another movie

Maybe you need to place a metal detector at the main entrance of the schools like it is done here in the US. I remember as a boy you had to solve your differences with your fist, but with what you call modernisation, we have evolved to different methods.

You could also form student advisory groups to get their input on what they think should be done about the matters within the schools. After all, they are the ones who will become the leaders of tomorrow, and from what I have read about many of the young men and women in schools they are making excellent choices — they could be a big help.

To all of you, young and old, remember this: “Don’t take a life unless you can give a life. Life is precious, treasure it and respect others at all times.”

Violence resolves nothing, and it only shows that you aren’t as strong as you think you are. Violence only proves that you are weak and unable to use the gifts of words to resolve your differences.

— Charles Cadogan

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