Parkinson School releases calypso CD

Teacher, Randy Eastmond and Principal Jeff Broomes are excited about the school’s music programme and the CD Kaiso In De Pine.
Teacher, Randy Eastmond and Principal Jeff Broomes are excited about the school’s music programme and the CD Kaiso In De Pine.

Today’s release of a calypso CD by the Parkinson Memorial School can only help the development of Principal Jeff Broomes’ new curriculum for the school come next September.

Broomes told the media in a press conference this morning that the introduction of the children to the calypso artform this Crop-Over would benefit the virtual studio he was looking to introduce for fourth and fifth formers from next term.

He was speaking at the CD launch and announcement of an upcoming calypso competition at the school this Friday, themed Kaiso In De Pine, the same name as the CD, which features nine of the schools singers.

Teacher, Randy Eastmond said the children had been involved not just in the singing, but background vocals on the tracks, as well as its production, along with other teachers and other interested persons who had donated their time to training them.

He said they had seen the actual benefits of the project, not only in the production of the CD, but the development of the talents of the students, their voices and their attitudes.

“I want it to be clearly understood. Mr. Eastmond has said that there has been improvement from beginning to this point, but as far as we are concerned, the journey now start.

“We have added to our curriculum for next term something known as a virtual recording studio and in that part of the curriculum which begins for fourth and fifth form students, children will not only be singing, they will get to understand and operate different equipment within a recording studio, but also they will get to develop lyrics, develop melodies to the point of producing songs. So we are not just starting with this and ending with this calypso and I commit that we will have an annual intra-school Parkinson competition, who knows?” said the principal.

He said it could even lead to the creation of a calypso tent next year, involving children from different schools in a competition as well.

The CD includes selections from Kayla Bee – Our Disease; Amber Orano – I Am A Child; Dessie – Too Young; Angel – Selfish Mentality; Nikola Anomar – Pimpalin; Lil T – Too Big Fuh Yuh Shoes; Mighty Xaiver – Something Is Peeping Out; Kadeem – De Drain and Sammy Sosa – My Calypso. (LB)

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  1. Marmar June 19, 2013 at 10:01 am

    Jeff Broomes, please go and sit down. I am tired of hearing about and seeing you in the media. I am also tired of the fluff. School is not a political platform, it is an institution for grooming the young people in this country. I don’t want to see you, I ONLY want to see the STUDENTS and teacher that produced the hard work it took to produce the CD. Couldn’t you have given them the spotlight solely for themselves? How old are you? You are behaving like an old beauty contestant that wouldn’t go off the stage. Once more, GO AND SIT DOWN IN A CORNER.

    • Someone Connected June 19, 2013 at 11:21 am

      Reports from both the student and staff bodies are that the School has started to improve under Mr. Broomes. If a little publicity helps to bring in some much needed sponsorship and assistance for a School which is not usually top of mind for corporate Barbados then I say “go for it Jeff”.

      I hope that those who criticise will support the children by buying the CD ($20 ONLY) and attending Kaiso in de Pine – Friday night – 8pm

  2. Cardinal Hinds June 19, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    Hats off to the Parkinson school students, its teachers and Principal Broomes. This is an excellent attempt to get young people interested in the not yet recognised value of our entertainment industry especially in Calypso/Soca plus what goes on behind the scenes with production and sound engineering, this can offer another avenue for those who wish to channel their creativity now and not be stuck grumbling behind an office desk or in a job that they don’t like later, in a corner. Keep up the good work Principal Broomes and the teachers involved.


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