Developing well rounded people

The graduates.
The graduates.

Some people may believe that one only attends church to learn about Jesus Christ but this is not the case at the Britton’s Hill Wesleyan Holiness Church.

There, they believe in developing an all–round person, Pastor Reginald Wooding told Barbados TODAY. And it was for this reason they hosted a 12-week public speaking course under the theme Presenting With Power: Keys Of Effective Presentations from which 23 members recently graduated.

Participants, ranging from ages 14 to 80 were: Mark Alleyne, Barbara Arthur, Colvin Cadogan, David Gill, Chad Griffith, Christopher Griffith, Sonia Griffith, Sarafina Harris, Joy–ann Johnson, Doris King, Hazel Maloney, Lawrence Marshall, Myrna Morris, Alicia Scott, 80–year–old Oneta Sealy, Neal Smithwick, Anesa Williams, Sandra Wooding, Emmerson Wooding, Isa Yarde, Keren Yearwood and Margo Yearwood.

Wooding said the workshop was a success for each individual but highlighted Judith Catlyn, who he described as “very, very shy” before the workshop but who became “a lion” and was able to chair the Father’s Day Programme held on Sunday.
The clergyman, himself attended a Toast Masters course and saw the benefits of it and thought it would be fitting for his congregation not only as it pertained to church but also in their lives generally. Specifically, he added, one goal was to help prepare youth to handle the world of work when that time arrived.

“I believe if we are going to make an impact in the community more than likely it would have to be amongst the youngster,” Wooding said. “Therefore, we set out to reach them but what we found was that most people were too shy — not only the young ones but seniors too — to truly represent themselves.

“I found the church quickly took to it because they too recognised its benefits to them. It has brought out the lambs in some members to become lions.”

And he further stated that the workshop was something they were contemplating hosting again because some of the members who did not take advantage of it before, having already seen the results in others, have a heightened interest.

Sandra Wooding, a participant, told Barbados TODAY that for her it was such an informative and exciting programme that her next move was to join Toast Masters Club.

She said: “Sometimes when you hear politicians or people who you would expect to give a more effective speech, they would always say ‘aaammm, aaammm’. One of the good things we learnt was that when we started out we would do the same thing but each time we would get a 10 cents penalty. But by the time the course was finished no one was saying ‘aaammm’ — that was one of the important things that helped everybody.

“It was really helpful, and seeing now how it helped me I would encourage other persons to do the course.”

Topics they covered included: Effective Chairmanship, How To Deal With The Press, Planning And Preparing The Speech, Preparing For Interviews, Making Your Speech Memorable, Dress, Conquering Table Topics Phobia, Speeches, Keys To Effective Speaking, Being A Master Of Ceremonies. (KC)

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