Clarke: Stop talking and act

glineclarkesmilesIt is time for Government to move from talking about helping the elderly and others and implement the plans they already have.

Barbados Labour Party spokesman, St. George North MP Gline Clarke, said the evidence of inadequate implementation was the fact that the current administration had now introduced a White Paper on Aging, 10 years after the former BLP administration tabled the preceding Green Paper.

He made his concerns known today while speaking during debate on the aging policy in the House of Assembly.

“We have to go beyond these recommendations and implement something … not only for today but for the future. We need to encourage the family structure so that the state does not feel the obligation that they must provide everything,” the MP stated.

Clarke also said it was not enough for Minister of Health John Boyce to voice satisfaction that the island’s health care service was satisfactory.

“We are happy that at least we can say that the health (care) provided for Barbadians is generally acceptable, but we have to look beyond this acceptable standard, or satisfactory standard,” he said.

“The (health) minister must call for excellence in providing for the health care, not only for the elderly, but for the various segments in society,” he said. “I believe that we spend a lot of money and the cost of health is increasing every day, every year we see millions of dollars being spent … and it is getting wider, but are you satisfied that we are being provided with the services to meet the cost,” he asked?

Clarke said this was something Government needed to examine carefully, including in the context of care of the elderly. He believed that in some instances there was duplication of effort in services for the elderly and wider population, something which needed to be changed.

“We have to look at this duplication of effort not only for the elderly, but also throughout the segments of our society. We are duplicating in terms of the visits of doctors by persons, the Drug Service, we are duplicating lots of effort because we made fundamental errors over 50 years ago,” he stated. (SC)

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