Bahamas in ‘crisis mode’

NASSAU — Bahamas Christian Council President Rev. Dr. Ranford Patterson said The Bahamas has approached “crisis mode” and anyone who does not acknowledge that is blind.

“We are in crisis mode, and we can’t blame the police,” said Patterson in a recent interview.

“We can’t just blame the government, and we can’t just blame the church. All of us must take responsibility.

“Before we start blaming, all of us must ask ourselves the tough question, what did I do to make a difference in The Bahamas?”

Patterson, who was himself a victim of an armed robbery, said no one is exempt from crime.

“We must do our own little things, and I believe that if all of us are doing our part we can really put a dent in the crime situation in our country.”

The council held a national prayer gathering on Thursday at Evangelistic Temple.

“Let us all be a part of the solution, and cause the change that we want to see in our country because it is not going to happen with the police alone,” Patterson said.

“It’s not going to happen with the government alone. It’s not going to happen with the church alone. All of us have to come together and be a part of this process.

“All of us must take responsibility.”

Patterson said no one appears to have the solutions to addressing crime.

Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis said last month that the recent spate of violence should cause the government to admit that it is “paralysed” when it comes to fighting crime.

But officials have said that crime is down this year compared to last year. (Nassau Guardian)

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