‘All right’ at 100

Centenarian Daisy Mahon celebrates with Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave.
Centenarian Daisy Mahon
celebrates with Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave.

Daisy Eleanora Mahon is 100 years old and feeling “quite all right”.

This is what she told those congregated at her Holders Land, Brandons, St. Michael home this morning to share her birthday festivities. Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave was there, Minister of Finance and her parliamentary representative, Chris Sinckler, was present as well as friends, family and church members.

There was a lot of food, laughter and singing. Even though when she was introduced to the Head of State, this Jordans, St. Lucy daughter admitted she did not know who he was, she was pleased to accepts his gifts and a bouquet of flowers from Sinckler.

Mahon, who worked as a domestic for many years, had 12 children, two of whom are still living, Rosita and Angela the youngest. She has 10 grandchildren, 10 great grands and two great great grands.

Speaking to the press, Rosita recalled when her mother as a very active person, stating that one of her pleasures was to build things and proudly showcased the flooring in the kitchen of her home that she constructed.

“I remember my mother doing a lot of walking wherever she went. She would walk from Brandons to Bishop Court Hill to help her sister, who has now passed. She loved to dance and exercise — she would take her hand and put it on her waist and put her feet in the air, she did that for years and still does it,” the smiling daughter said.

It was said the centenarian does not take medication and has no ailments apart from “a little cataract”. Nanny, as she is affectionately called, enjoys eating breadfruit, sweet potatoes and eddoes in soup. She also loves cou cou with flying fish and a good bowl of fish soup.

Pastor Saul of The Truth of the Final Generation Church at Kew Land, St. Thomas, where she is still an active member, described her as “happy, active and strong”. Crediting her way of living for her longevity, he said eating right did play a part also.

But her forgiving heart and ability not to keep anybody in her mind was the right social and spiritual attitude she demonstrated, he said.

A special lunch has been planned for her on Saturday. (KC)

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