First former stabs another

Today’s stabbing incident involving two first formers of St. Leonard’s Boys’ School has Minster of Education Ronald concerned.

This is the second stabbing incident in two weeks in which secondary school students were involved. Last week’s incident involved two 13-year-olds while today’s led to one of the boys being stabbed in his left side with a knife and seeking medical attention at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the other in police custody assisting with investigations.

Both of them are 12 years old.

Noting that he did not have all of the details of today’s incident, Jones told Barbados TODAY he would have to get a report from the principal of the St. Michael school to find out if there was any “on-going” rivalry between the two boys.

“Part of the problem is these ongoing little strifes and children then reacting sometimes violently. The issue of students not being able to resolve difficulties without resorting to fights is really a problem.

“In most cases it is the community intrusion into the schools. It is reflective really of what has been happening in the wider community generally, the desensitisation of persons based on what they have been seeing, the games they play, the violence of movies, all of that has created a milieu. Anger management is also a major issue, persons not being able to manage their anger properly and diffuse of that anger,” said the Minister.

Jones disclosed that only last Friday, he had called an internal meeting to discuss discipline.

“I had requested from the schools a regular update on all the incidents of fighting, suspension, expulsion, all the various issues breaches which can occur and which would give a better understanding of the internal dynamics,” he said.

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector David Welch said the incident, which involved two first formers, occurred this morning at the school.

Investigations are continuing. (DS)

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