Exam success for Cubs

It is finally over. The wait for the results of the Common Entrance Examination is over.

Last week members of the various Cub Packs around the island received the good news that come September they will be entering new secondary schools. For some of them, these schools will be of the ones they preferred, while for others there are the ones they have been placed based on to a lesser extent their choice but more on the marks they have acquired.

Nonetheless, congratulations are in order for not only the Cub Scouts but for all those who wrote the exams and were successful.

As a matter of fact, the reason why so many persons dislike this time when the exam results are the talk of the town stem from the fact that it seems that only those who gain marks to the “top” schools in the island are highlighted and are photographed.

What about those other children, who against all the odds and with so many medical, psychological and social challenges in their lives were still able to beat the odds, perform well and gain marks to attend a secondary school even though it is not one like Harrison College or Queen’s College.

It is a bit much when so much pressure is placed on these children to excel because it is known that the results of these exams can have the potential to chart the path for their future.

In Scouting, it has been advocated repeatedly to allow the Cubs to remain in the Scouting programme even when they are preparing for this exams, however, this bit of advice is ignored by many parents who as soon as the boys reach the beginning of Class 4, remove them from Scouting to concentrate on lessons, extra lessons and more lessons with the hope that they enter that so called prestigious school.

The comedy is that we say that the schools are equal, with the teachers from all the schools being educated at the same University of the West Indies while at the same time, we as parents do all in our power to get them to Queen’s or Harrison College. The frustration is even more glaring when the children do not receive the marks to get there.

Enough said on this topic. The National Administration is very proud of its Cub Scouts who through their hard work have been able to successfully complete the primary phase of their education. When one looks at the recent Mahogany Awardees and the boys who did not “drop out” for the many reason previously offered, it is clear that their successes rank just as high as any other students. Congratulations Cubs. It is hoped that you will remember the things you were taught and by so doing continue to be a well rounded individual. Furthermore continue in the Scouting programme by being a Scout, either at your new school or join one of the open Troops.

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