Clean fun

Minister of Education Ronald Jones is encouraging young revellers to behave respectably during Grand Kadooment.

Speaking at the launch of Youth Explosion Kadooment Band last night at Hilton Barbados, he said he had watched it “grow from strength to strength to reach the level that it is at” and he wants their revellers to set the example for others.

“It is a band of young people; over the years I have not heard, seen or had delivered to me any information that this band behaves in a manner that is not befitting the young people of Barbados and this is testimony to your own discipline, your own appreciation, that revelry does not mean debauchery.

“It means youthful enjoyment, spontaneous caring, reaching out to all your age cohort, and truly enjoying yourself. I hope that this year as the band goes on the streets that level of behaviour continues. It does not make any sense that in order to enjoy yourself, you have to reach a level of behaviour that cannot be termed enjoyment. When you see Facebook and YouTube and Instagram and all of the other social media you see some behaviour that sometimes does not lend our country any good,” he said.

The Christ Church East Central MP, who wished them all the best, said he hoped that band leader Quincy Jones, was able to keep them in good discipline and in good tune.

“I hope that you are able to find good music that you are able to move to, that you can dance to,” he added.

Jones also spoke about the changes in costumes.

“I’ve seen the quality of costuming grow from the grand costuming of way back when, when most of you would not have been born… Today three beads cover three spots, today I wonder sometimes if that is creativity,” he noted and added that he liked Youth Explosion’s costumes, which are based on “a serious theme” — Three Cheers for Barbados Hip Hip Horray.

He further told the audience, which included Canon Noel Burke of St. David’s Anglican Church, Principal of Ellerslie Secondary School Major Errol Brathwaite and members of the band, that they could have “extremely good fun” and capture the theme while parading in their costumes.

“Let young people show the older ones how it can be done with a level of decency and decorum. You are the future and I don’t want too, in my spiritual form, looking down and seeing the young people of Barbados behaving as though they are from Sodom and Gomarrah but that they are good upright and decent citizens of Barbados enjoying themselves, feeling proud about themselves and about their country extending a legacy … over time for all to enjoy,” Jones said. (DS)

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