Bahamas MPs apologise to country

Loretta Butler-Turner
Loretta Butler-Turner

NASSAU — Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner and Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins have apologised to the country, one day after Butler-Turner slapped Rollins in the House of Assembly after the two exchanged words.

They did not apologise to one another, however.

After she slapped Rollins across the face, Butler-Turner, the deputy leader of the Free National Movement, said he had provoked her — a claim he denied.

She acknowledged yesterday that her actions sent the wrong message to Bahamians.

“I am human,” she said in the House of Assembly. “I am fallible and obviously I was in a position [Wednesday] that was not a good position.

“Obviously, it is not the position I would like to present to the public, especially to our young people and especially to those people who look up to us and me in particular in this place.

“And so, Mr. Speaker, I offer my sincere apologies to the young people of The Bahamas, the women of The Bahamas, the men of The Bahamas, and in this day and age where news travels around the globe very rapidly, to the world at large for whatever behavior.

“I am compelled to say this because if you look at [Thursday] morning’s papers, I think every paper has a story with what happened.

“I don’t wish to go into detail, but if there’s one person out there [who] believes that I might have done something wrong I make my apologies to that person and to the wider public.”

Rollins offered similar regrets.

“I am compelled to apologise to the constituents of Fort Charlotte for any perceived wrongs on my part,”‚he said.

“It is never my intention to cause the people of Fort Charlotte any embarrassment as a result of my representation of them.

“I am very sensitive to the importance of women in our society and the important example that I should be setting in my interaction with all Bahamians, but also as a male in a society that has difficulty with male and female relationships…”

Last Wednesday, Butler-Turner said she slapped Rollins after he embraced her, whispered “horrific” things in her ear and would not let her go.

Rollins denied that he made disparaging remarks to Butler-Turner and said she “lost her cool”.

He added that he only encouraged her to seek a therapist because of her frequent emotional outbursts in Parliament.

He again denied her allegations yesterday. (Nassau Guardian)

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