Authors springing up

Waiting for autographs?
Waiting for autographs?

Some young authors are springing up at one St. Michael Primary School. The Rock Christian School in Strathclyde, St. Michael recently held a book signing and launch for 38 young authors and interested parents and teachers.

Organiser and teacher of the eight year old authors, Tishanna Ellis, said: “I always encourage young authors and I always encourage writing in my classrooms. I actually thought of an idea with last year’s group with something that we can use as a teaching tool.

“So it started off as being a teaching tool — I was teaching a concept of cause and effect and the class just did not understand the relationship between cause and effect so I thought of an idea for the children to come up with a book of their own dealing with cause and effect.

“It was supposed to be … only for my classroom library shelf but from there someone saw it and though it would be good to get it in the hands of a publisher and that is how it grew from there.”

When asked if local book shops have shown interest in retailing the book, Ellis said not as yet since the book had only been in print for approximately six weeks. She noted however, that through word of mouth news of the book was getting out and serving as an encouragement for others to write.

The teacher said that each student wrote a part of the book, which was like a “story train” in which one student wrote one page of the book and everyone else followed with their own page.

“They are very happy to see not only their words but also their illustrations … There are actually two books in this series, If you Give

a Seven Year Old a Cell Phone is the first book and the second book is called If You Give An Eight Year Old a Credit Card,” Ellis added. (MR)

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