What goes around…

You, I feel so good! All this week I have been singing that song from a few Crop-Overs ago and smiling. I am one happy man! You would not believe it – I feel so … good!

For nearly ten years I was involved with this woman. She was my heart and my soul. I believed in this woman. I would go hungry so she could get what she wanted and it did not matter to me because I loved her.

When we met she had a child and I more or less adopted him as my own. I had no problem doing it because I have no respect for any man who gets involved with a woman and does not treat her children as his own, even if their fathers are in their lives and supporting them. You can’t love a woman and not love her children – and the same thing goes for women who get involved with men who have children.

After ten years of giving my all to her, being faithful and trusting her, this woman horned me for a man she met while jumping in a band. And it was not just that she horned me, when I told her she was not being fair or kind to me, she let me have it.

I was told that providing money, cooking, cleaning, doing everything around the house was not enough. I heard how I could not make love. I could not kiss as good as he. I did not make her feel like he did. I heard how he was all this man, all this stallion, all this super lover. It was like all I was was “soft man”.

If I could crawl under a rock that day I would have. But the old people always tell you that what goes around comes around and she got hers good. When the man finished being a stallion with her, apparently he was a stallion for the whole herd because he gave her all kinds of diseases. On top of that, he put she clothes in the road.

Would you believe that last month this woman had the gall to send a message to me by her sister asking if she could come back home? The sister told me all that happened and since then all I have been doing is singing that song “I feel so good, I feel so good; I feel for … good!”

I took my pain and shame like a man and I survived. I don’t want to see her within a mile of where I live and I could care less where she lives.

— Feeling Great

Since Yuh Asked, FG, I too believe that what goes around comes around — and that includes gloating. I can understand how you feel about her, but don’t gloat.

I believe that too often we behave like the dog with the bone and end up with even less than the shadow, and your story ought to be a warning to all those men and women who believe that the grass is always greener on the other side.

In your case I hope that your ex gets over her illness and that she makes more sensible choices in the future. I hope too that you recognise that every one of us can make a mistake — you are not yet in Heaven, so be careful with your boasting.

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