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Dear Diary,

lovingmejanspregnancyworkoutI attended my 6th antenatal class on Sat June 8th. I had a pretty eventful week I was experiencing pain in my pelvic area. It hurt so much to the point where it was hard to walk especially in my right leg. It was so painful it brought tears to my eyes.

I was even scared to workout at class because I didn’t want the pain to come back. I also had to deal with swollen feet and fingers that were hurting really bad, spent most of my week with my feet elevated which really helped with the swelling. I would also stretch my fingers whenever they felt stiff.

The weight has increased which means my baby is getting bigger and my walking pace has decreased lol, my pregnancy mask is in full effect. My face is round and fat my nose is shining and everyone is telling me I am looking different I guess the closer the delivery date the more my looks are changing I am loving the glow a lot.

I was able to get through most of the class it was only coming on to the end of class that I felt the pain reoccurring. I didn’t tell my trainer about the pain I was experiencing but she did a lot of exercises focusing on the same pelvic area and those exercises really helped a lot.

We did some birth squats and also kegel exercises, bird dog and some stretching

– stretching does your body good, and you don’t even have to break a sweat. This is especially true if you’ve been troubled by muscle cramps — particularly in your leg. Stretching out (flexing your toes up instead of pointing down) can help you uncover little pockets of tension, warding off cramps and sore muscles. Stretch after your exercise routine, but also stretch at your desk (especially if you’ve been sitting or standing for a long time), in the car, and always before bed.

We also did our cardio to some very up-tempo music at one point I got really tired and I was out of rhythm had my trainer and photographer laughing non-stop. I decided to take a water break and then continued with the cardio.

After class I had a little chat with one of the mummies who wanted to know how my pregnancy was going. She then shared with me a little about her experience at the hospital which she said wasn’t bad at all. She told me to listen carefully to the nurses instructions and all should go well. She also told me not to panic just breathe and stay focus during my delivery.

Despite my eventful week I am still very much looking forward to my next class and also looking forward to linking up with the mummies!!!!!

Excited Mummy To Be

Jannelle .A. Shallow

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