Sweet victory for LIME

limeLIME is claiming victory over Digicel.

The telecommunication company said today that the Fair Trading Commission had ruled in its favour in a dispute with its main competitor over interconnection rates.

This was after Digicel objected earlier this year to aspects of the Reference Interconnection Offer, which governs interconnection termination charges between telecommunication carriers.

While this regulation mandated such companies to charge the other the same per minute rate for termination of calls, the landline to landline termination rates became a source of contention between LIME and Digicel.

Commenting on the issue today, LIME’s Head of Legal and Regulator, Nicole Liverpool Jordan, said her company was happy with the decision.

“We are pleased with the decision as it supports competition and it means that we will all continue to operate on a level playing field. Since the landline market opened to competition in 2005, the RIO has clearly outlined the charges for termination by carriers. Digicel was asking for a preferential rate that LIME was not allowed to offer because the FTC controls those rates. That was where the dispute arose,” she said.

“In the case of landline to landline service, there is a charge to terminate calls. The requirements of the RIO do not allow carriers to discriminate therefore LIME must pay all carriers the same price for termination on their landline network that it charges for termination on its landline network. We are pleased to see the FTC agreed with the position we took in applying the rules in this way.” (SC)

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