Slowly but surely

floodedbidcbuildingOperations are slowly returning to normal at a data processing company at the Harbour Industrial Park, after a broken toilet system flooded out a large section of its offices.

General Manager of Crucible International Inc, Derrick Bowen, told Barbados TODAY this afternoon, that the stench from the water was still lingering inside the building.

Bowen said though staff would working this weekend to try to ensure those areas impacted were fully functional again so that its overseas clients can be properly served. He said Crucible, whose core business was medical and dental adjudication and legal transcription, had suffered a disruption of its production and would be pushing to have it restored by this weekend.

The general manager noted that the front part of the office was primarily affected.

He praised his 160 staff for “coming out to work in spite of the conditions” which the flooding had created. Bowen also revealed that the 14 year old Barbadian-owned company was in the process of reopening the transcription school, which had been used to trained many of the workers in that sector.

“We are working very hard to try to get the transcription school restarted on Barbados’ terms,” Bowen announced.

He explained that before, the foreign investors had operated it on their own conditionalities. Crucible’s main clients are in Canada with one major customer in the United States. (EJ)

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