Marshall: Focus misguided

Malfunctioning police vehicles and political interference should be the topic for discussion in Parliament instead of the Police Complaints Authority.

Parliamentary representative for St. Joseph, Dale Marshall, offered this suggestion Tuesday while speaking on Police Complaints Authority Bill in the House of Assembly.

The Opposition member told fellow parliamentarians that a programme for joint police and Barbados Defence Force patrols fell flat because the Defence Force did not have an adequate number of vehicles.

Marshall charged too that a shortage of police vehicles had forced some officers to drive their private vehicles to crime scenes.

He alleged too that because of political interference morale was at its lowest ever in the Royal Barbados Police Force.

Marshall recalled that under the Barbados Labour Party Administration they ensured that the police force was the best equipped in the region. The former Attorney General claimed that today the Royal Barbados Police Force did not have ammunition to use on the rifle range. (NC)

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