Lashley: Rule of law must prevail

The Opposition Barbados Labour Party has been “charging up” the people to take the current situation into their own hands.

Christ Church West Central MP, Stephen Lashley, voiced this concern Tuesday while speaking on the Police Complaints Authority Bill in the House of Assembly.

Lashley referred to a member of the Opposition saying that they would do anything to change the situation without taking up arms.

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth suggested that Opposition members should temper their language while they identify issues without offering any solutions. He reminded the Opposition that the Police Complaints Authority was established to eliminate the threat of people taking the law into their own hands.

The Christ Church West Central MP suggested that the Opposition must adhere to the rule of law when venting their frustrations, adding that every member of Parliament must ensure that they did nothing to impact negatively on law and order.

He said too the Police Complaints Authority should be better known and suggested that an educational drive should be undertaken. Lashley said he believed that once a complaint had been brought before the authority, the result should be known in the shortest possible time.

Noting that as a parliamentary representative several complaints had been brought to his attention where search warrants were improperly executed by lawmen, Lashley suggested that more care must be taken in the execution of warrants at homes.

“Barbados does not live in a vacuum. We have to report to international agencies on constitutional rights and the rule of law,” he told Parliament.

Addressing the issue of recruitment of police officers and soldiers, Lashley said there were many opportunities in both armed units, but called on the youth to adhere to high moral standards.

“We need good policemen in Barbados, but they must come without any addiction to illicit drugs,” he said. “They have no place with any recruit to the Royal Barbados Police Force.” (NC)

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