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Minister of Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe.
Minister of Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe.

The Drainage Division is ready for the hurricane season and beyond.

After a short inspection of the divisions stock yesterday, Minister of Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, declared them ready to the extent that the supplies were enough should the island need emergency services this hurricane season.

Division Director Keith Barrow during the inspection warned however that the stock was enough within reason and barring anything extreme happening during the season.

“I think I’m satisfied that we are stocked well enough,” Lowe said when asked about preparedness now that it was hurricane season. “Of course hurricane events can throw out any number of challenges and sometimes you may think you have everything that you need and of course the veracity of the emergencies can call on you to provide more equipment and more supplies for the staff.

“At the end of the day, it is really about maintaining your storeroom, knowing what’s there and knowing where to get what you need at short notice and I believe that is a demonstration of what we saw … in terms of the store clerk being able to identify the equipment, being able to say this is what we have, and in almost every category there is a healthy supply.

“I cannot imagine the hurricane season depleting our resources in the storeroom, but of course you don’t just get resources when you have crisis, it is an ongoing store management process and I think that is a good demonstration that it is working very well and the Drainage Division is doing a very good job at that,” said the minister.

Equipment inspected included gloves, flood barriers, weed whackers, chain saws, boots, masks, respirators and goggles.

Additionally, the minister commended the work of the division’s staff, both at the Pine Road headquarters and the teams on the road whom he said were diligently working to ensure areas would be clear for the season.

“It is not just the drains along the road, they do a lot more than that. There are the gully courses to be cleared, there are those hot-spots in the island, for example the City that we have been conducting for a while now; there is Fontabelle, Headley’s Land, down on the west coast, where we have had challenges and I am pleased to say that while there is still development work going on, some of these projects have been completed and tested at least once and I am hoping they will do well again in the season. (LB)

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