Banned for six years

St. Bartholomew’s Shakado Scott makes a great clearance against Deacons.

KINGSTON – A top Jamaican female athlete has reportedly returned a positive test for a diuretic at the Jamaica International Invitational held at the national stadium on May 4.

The identity of the athlete, said to be of international repute, has not been confirmed.Several officials of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission expressed surprise at the reports, informing that the random tests carried out at the meet were not conducted by the commission, but rather, by an international team facilitated by the IAAF.

The athlete has reportedly been notified by the authorities and has seven days in which to request that her ‘B’ sample be tested as well.

Diuretics are products that help eliminate fluid from the body and are banned by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) as they are considered ‘masking agents’ in that they dilute the urine, lowering the concentration levels of Performance Enhancing Drugs in the urine.

The news broke just hours after another Jamaican, 400m specialist Domonique Blake was handed a six-year ban from the Jamaica Anti-doping Commission after she failed a test at last year’s Olympic Trials.

Blake had placed sixth in the 400m finals and was selected on the Jamaican team to the London games but did not participate.It was Blake’s second doping sanction following her suspension for nine months in 2006 for testing positive for ephedrine.

Kent Pantry, chairman of the panel, said that after hearing her arguments, they “unanimously decided Miss Blake did not satisfy the panel to its comfortable satisfaction that the substance entered her body without an intention to enhance sporting performance”.

“We decided on a sanction of six years commencing this day June 13, 2013,” said Pantry.

Meanwhile, Ricardo Cunningham, an 800m runner who tested positive for the prohibited substance pseudo-ephedrine also at last year’s Olympic trials, escaped with only a reprimand.Cunningham won the Jamaican 800 crown in 1:48.00 last June, but was not on the London squad after missing the Olympic standard.

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