$22m. drug haul

At the scene of the confiscated drugs.
At the scene of the confiscated drugs.

PORT OF SPAIN — For the second time in three weeks, Customs and Excise officers have made a multi-million-dollar drug find at the port of Port of Spain.

In the latest drug haul, Customs and Excise officers say they recovered 323.4 kilogrammes of high-grade Jamaican compressed marijuana (Jam Jam) in eight duffel bags, found in a 40-foot container, with an estimated street value of $22.3 million.

Customs communications officer Alicia Charles said the discovery was made on Wednesday around 10:30 p.m. while a Customs officer was conducting a routine patrol.

The officer spotted a black duffel bag in a secluded area and upon checking found several packages wrapped tightly with brown packaging tape.

A sweep was later made of the area and nearby containers in which Customs recovered six other duffel bags with more marijuana.

The shipment was found in a container that had several Volkswagon vehicles.

Best Auto Ltd, which is jointly owned by Neal and Massy and Southern Sales, acknowledged the discovery in a press release yesterday.

Best Auto indicated the container was shipped from the Volkswagen plant in Mexico and may have docked at various ports in transit to Trinidad.

A spokesperson said the company was cooperating fully with Customs in their investigation.

Senior Customs sources told the Express they are very concerned with the importation of marijuana from non-traditional areas such as Jamaica and the United States because the potency THC level of the drug is much higher from these places.

On May 23, approximately 100 kilogrammes of compressed marijuana, with an estimated value of $7.2 million, was found on the port in another 40-foot container.

And yesterday morning, Central Division Task Force officers arrested a couple and a 42-year-old man at Crissy Terrace in Enterprise, Chaguanas, and seized $1.5 million in marijuana. (Express)

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