PEP condems Jones’ speech

The Peoples Empowerment Party wishes to publicly condemn the speech made by Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, in the House of Assembly on Monday June 10, 2013 — a speech that contained sentiments of approval of the violent actions taken by the racist and autocratic authorities of the day against black working class protestors in 1937, and a speech in which Mr Jones issued ugly, intimidatory warnings that the Royal Barbados Police Force and the Barbados Defence Force might also have to “crack some heads” and “shoot some people” in the future to “bring back law and order”.

Jones’ dismissive and contemptuous attitude towards the black working-class Barbadians who tried to stand up to the forces of racism and oppression in 1937 is unbecoming of any contemporary Barbadian political leader and disgraces the political party that he is associated with.

In addition, it is truly disturbing that Jones’s vision of cracking heads and shooting people was provoked by the perfectly legitimate, peaceful and unremarkable effort that was recently made by Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and her parliamentary colleagues to go about Barbados meeting with and talking to the hard pressed citizens of our nation.

Jones’ other wild and unsubstantiated effusions about “people” offering “severely criminal elements hidden help and support” should be treated by all right-thinking Barbadians with nothing but utter contempt and ridicule.

Clearly, something is radically wrong in Barbados, when the person who occupies the exalted position of Minister of Education can be capable of such puerile, demagogic and pride-less behaviour.

— David Comissiong, President

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