Another hapless victim

Sinclair Holder’s letter Tuesday June 11, 2013 headlined What has Broomes done wrong? leads one to ask where Mr Holder has been for the last 18 or so months.

That such a question would have to be asked was my first hint that Holder is another hapless victim of the formidable and extensive propaganda machinery of Jeff Broomes. The pitiful excuse Holder went on to weave for Broomes in the letter only confirmed his wretched victimhood.

Holder need only avail himself of a copy of the Report of the 2012 Waterman Commission and read its findings in order to enlighten himself as to the numerous things Broomes has done wrong. That is, of course, if he cares to educate himself rather than wallowing in blissful ignorance which seems to be the preferred state of many who bray from the Uncle Jeff Hymnal.

Holder would wish people to disregard Broomes’ truly revealing remark — “This is going to be a battle with me and the staff, but all that will happen, they will cuss me … but I ain’t gine change” — as a little “humourous exchange”. Lolol. Ha, ha, ha! Broomes is a true comedian! Watch out, Mac Fingal!

It was Chaucer who observed that many a true word is spoken in jest! It would be wise of Holder also to keep in mind that: “To smile at the jest which plants a thorn in another’s breast is to become a principal in the mischief.” [Richard Brinsley Sheridan]

It is said that a word to the wise is sufficient — tragically, the converse is also true.

— Sinclair Nicholls

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